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Working high above the ground, we have the experience and skills that has been time-tested and proven. Safte3y remains our top priority, both safety of our staff  and bystander as well as who are in and around the building.

We coordinate with our clients to identify the needs and concerns of each particular job no matter the size. Our team perform their services without disrupting the normal day-to-day routines at your place of business.

Our people have experiences in the cleaning industry. With this practical knowledge and experiences, together with our on-going and development, the quality and timeliness of our service are assured. 

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High Rise Cleaning
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Wide Range Of Cleaning Solutions And Services

Our company’s main objective is to provide top-of-the-line cleaning services for external facade cleaning & maintenance, glass roof cleaning, solar panel cleaning & maintenance, carpet cleaning and floor car as well as polishing work. We also provide confined space cleaning & maintenance service.

We Are Experienced

It is important to take note that all of our shareholders have vast experience and knowledge in the janitorial industry including waste disposal, waste containment and other related services. We particularly emphasize in hands-on experience because by doing so, we will be able to significantly increase our growth in relation to our operation.

Ensure That Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed.

In order to further enhance our services and be one-step-ahead of our competitor, we continually improve our performance by acquiring new machinery and inclusion of experience staff into our operation. Furthermore, we have a well-qualified Quality Control Team (QCT) that will periodically inspect the work (before, during and after) on every related site in order to ensure the standard of our work quality is up to par. Our dedicated and hardworking team will ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.


We want our customers to feel confident that they can depend on us when they need us.


To practice and deliver world-class quality cleaning services at a reasonable price through modern and innovative procedures to guarantee customer satisfaction.


To ensure professional and efficient cleaning services are carried out for all of our clients, who have entrusted their premises to us.

5 Levels Quality Control

  • Frequent Quality Control Audits.
  • Competent and Trained Staff.
  • Quality Management System.
  • Quality Standards Expert on Site.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey benefits.

Vertical Pro Sdn. Bhd.

Our company’s main objective is to provide top-of-the-line cleaning services for post-construction, post-renovation, high-rise windows cleaning, glass cleaning, stone care, carpet cleaning as well as polishing work.

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  • Require cleaning service for highrise building?
  • Remove stains from facade?
  • Want your marble table become shiny again?
  • Kill germs and virus on your carpet?
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