External Facade Cleaning

  • Do you wonder why commercial building, apartment building or houses in Malaysia require professional external facade cleaning service?
  • The most obvious reason is to improve the aesthetic appeal of a building.
  • Haven’t you ever looked at the facade of building and said to yourself, “How could someone picked a greyish brown colour paint for the office building?”
  • Chances are, that isn’t the greyish brown paint.
  • It’s years of dirt and grime buildup from city pollution and traffic in Malaysia.

  • Underneath that layer of brownish buildup is a facade that is waiting to shine. 

  • good first impression may even determine whether or not people will visit your business or commercial business.

  • Thats why we need a professional external facade cleaning service.

  • It keep the outside of the building well maintained, add to your buildings curb appeal and value.

What is External Facade Cleaning Service?

  • In short, external facade cleaning service is the process of making sure the exterior of a building is clear of any grime, stains, dirt and pollutants.
  • The term facade usually refers to the front part of the building where the entrance is located.
  • In Malaysia, the popular materials used for building facades include glass, stone and wood.
  • We can also found some properties with facades made from metals such as stainless steel or aluminium.
  • There are a number of reasons why a building external facade can appear dirty.
  • For example,  tropical weather in Malaysia can take its toll, as can pollutants in the air cause by traffic.
  • This combination can cause the external facade to fade in colour, impacting on the building’s overall appearance.
  • In Malaysia, different materials used for external facades, e.g. glass, lacquered metal, stainless steel, wood or stone.
  • Different cleaning methods that are adapted to clean the facades depend on the materials.
  • The equipment and solutions used will be specific to the type of material.Thus, ensure no damage occurs during the external building cleaning process.
  • The function and the building’s location may also determine exactly how the external facade need to be cleaned.
  • Some multi-storey buildings need to be cleaned at high rise.
  • Thus, making it a demanding task for professional external facade cleaners with strict safety requirements.

Can I Clean Facades Of The Building By Myself?

  • Encouraging news is, it is possible to clean the external facade of your building by yourself.

  • However, it’s worth noting that this can be a tricky task.

  • It’s important to equip with the correct equipment, cleaning solutions and clothing before you get started.

  • It’s also important to recognise that external facade cleaning is a dangerous task most likely require to working at height.

  • Thus, you will need someone with experience, have the capabilities to deliver a premium service in the safest and most efficient manner.

  • Keep reading, if you’re interested in learning why should you hire a professionals.

Why Should You Hire A Professional For External Facade Cleaning

Necessary External Facade Cleaning Equipment

  • One of the major reasons why professionals need to be hired to clean your high-rise building windows is they having access to the proper equipment.

  • To get the external facade cleaning job done,you will need more than just a couple of rags and a bottle of hard-surface cleaner.You need a professional company to clean the facade of your building with the latest cleaning equipment.

  • Some of the tools they may use could include high specification, extendable pressure washers and steamers which have been specially designed for this type of cleaning.

Experienced And Well Trained

  • Better results can be achieved by a professional external facade cleaning service.It’s far more better than doing ourself.

  • Experienced external facade cleaning team will know how to get all facade as clean as possible.

  • Not only with your facades of the building looking better,professional external building cleaners will get the job done faster as well.

  • All of the facades can get washed and cleaned in a fraction of the amount of time compare to an inexperienced, untrained person to complete the job.

Safety Measures

  • When it comes to cleaning facades that require to working at height, using chemical or operating heavy machinery, safety is the priority.

  • A professional team have the skill and knowledge in operating skylifts, gondolas and erecting scaffoldings in the correct way.

  • All safety precaution and measure is adhered to, and the right chemicals, tools and methods are used so that it won’t bring any negative effect to facade or people.

Facade & Dome cleaning by urban solutions

How Often A Building Require To Clean The Facades?

  • As a property owner, you also need to consider how much, and how often to clean your building’s facade.
  • How often a building should be cleaned has a lot to do with the location of a property relative to various sources of grime.

  • building’s location, function and geographic and atmospheric conditions all play roles in determining the level of cleaning effort necessary.

  • There is a natural buildup of atmospheric pollutants which develops on surfaces over time,

  • The concentration of that pollutants content is in the air is what dictates how quickly it builds up on your building.

  • If your building near a highway where there are obviously higher concentrations of pollutants from cars, trucks and etc.

  • It will cause grime to develop more quickly on the facades surface and require to clean the facades more frequently to achieve the desired appearance.

Vertical Pro

Vertical Pro External Facade Cleaning Service In Malaysia

At Vertical Pro, we have been providing external building cleaning services for over years.

We clean every type of external facade by using only the best equipment and techniques.

Our Team are highly trained, experienced and qualified in carrying out external facade cleaning jobs for various building facade types in Malaysia.

We also built up an enviable reputation for service and quality.

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