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Have you ever wondered how the windows and glass on Malaysia’s skyscrapers and high rise buildings get cleaned? The answer is a Professional External Glass Cleaning Service.

Company that provide this service uses specialized equipment to access high rise building.

Cleaning and maintaining the exteriors of tall buildings which many other cleaning service providers fail to do.

Clean Windows Reflect The Image Of Company, And Safety Must Remain A Priority For Everyone.

High rise buildings require constant cleaning and maintenance to retain its strong foundation.

It represents an essential outlook of the business.

The building immediately shows negligence on behalf of the owner if the external façade is not in pristine condition.

external glass cleaning for dirty window

Sharp – looking building means your business reputation is in its best place.

Dirty windows can make even the most prestigious of buildings look unprofessional.

It can seriously tarnish somebody’s first impressions of your business’s image.

Believe me, you do not want to get a chance to rectify that.

The solution is to have your windows professionally cleaned regularly, to ensure your professional image always shines through.

The process of keeping your skyscraper windows constantly cleaned can be a difficult and dangerous task.

So, for the safety of yourself as well as others, it is best to leave these tasks to the external glass cleaning experts.

The best way you can do this is to hire professionals to handle the cleaning process to avoid unnecessary problems.

Guidelines & Tips when Hiring External Glass Cleaning Service.

Vertical Pro Sdn. Bhd. have compiled a list of helpful tips to consider when choosing the most suitable cleaning service providers for your building.

We derived and developed this list from our experience of working with our clients.

We design this to help you make an informed decision about your cleaning needs.

1. What is your vision?

Is it Perception, Prevention, Preservation or all of them?

Answering this question will often allow you to prioritize which elements of your building you should focus on.

It will help you to create the most efficient and cost effective external glass cleaning solution.

2. What is your environment?

The approach of cleaning a warehouse on an industrial park is very different compare to cleaning a residential building.

How will the safety of residents be managed and what disruptions are there likely to be? 

It is not just considerations about noise and water control that need to be factored in.

When operatives working close to windows, Privacy of occupants will also need to be carefully managed.

3. Ask for test samples.

There are very few instances in life where you will purchase a product without knowing what you are going to get in return. 

By insisting on seeing test samples, you will be able to understand what you are going to get for your investment.

After that, you will be able to set some quality benchmark for the rest of the work.

4. All at once or phase-by-phase?

On larger building, it may be sensible to clean in phases rather than the whole area all at once.

This allows you to measure and monitor the cleaning process more attentively especially in important areas.

By prioritizing your budget in key areas, you will ensure that you will obtain the results you desire.

5. Ask for the credentials of the cleaning personnel.

external glass cleaning

What are the credentials of the external glass cleaning company.

Can they demonstrate a proven track record in cleaning similar buildings?

How will they manage the project from a health and safety perspective?

6. Can I engineer any value or input into the project?

Accessing buildings can be costly and requires specialize machinery.

When on site, it is essential to make the most out of this utilities.

For example, you can ask the contractor to clean any hard to reach gutters or install bird spikes to prevent fouling if required.

7. Should this be a one off project or can I incorporate it as planned maintenance?

Some areas of the building may require cleaning/maintenance much more frequently.

It is often the case that when building cleaning is included as an annual or planned package, future cleaning can be completed at a reduced rate.

Thus, saving a lot of money when calculated over the life-cycle of the building.

8. What are the environmental impacts?

Both client and contractor have the responsibility to ensure that all cleaning activity meets the local council’s environmental requirements and standards. 

What types cleaning product will be used?

How does the contractor plan to manage the debris and waste created during the cleaning process?

External Glass Cleaning Methods

Do you curious how people clean the external surface of a high-rise building?

High rise window cleaning requires the use of specialized equipment to properly perform the job.

One of the mostly widely used piece of equipment in high rise external glass cleaning is the bosun’s chair.

Bosun’s Chair System

The bosun’s chair, also known as boatswain’s chair features a rigid seat that a person sits in and ropes.

While cleaning the external glass, the person will be raise and lower by the ropes.

Compared to other types of equipment used, the chair’s setup is easy and quick.

The bosun’s chair is considered to be the safest piece of equipment used for high rise window cleaning. The chair is also less obstructing for the personnel.

A security line that is anchored to the roof that attach to a full body harness wear will protect the user from falling.

Working at height can be dangerous so it is important that you choose a professional cleaning company that put Health & Safety at the forefront while performing external glass cleaning work.

Other high rise surface cleaning method:

  • Gondola Suspension System
  • Scissor Lift and Boom Lift System
  • Scaffolding System
  • Rope Access System

Gondola Suspension System

One of the methods that external glass cleaning companies use is gondola suspension system.

With this method, expert cleaners can clean the flat surfaces vertically on all heights.

During cleaning service, the cleaning experts can install, build, re-position, change or disassemble that portable gondola systems accordingly.

Scissor Lift and Boom Lift System

The Scissor Lift and Boom Lift System are perfect for buildings which are around three stories high.

Scaffolding System

The Scaffolding System is applicable for both cleaning the exterior and interior facades of the building.

Rope Access System

Rope Access System is also among the most commonly used methods for cleaning external glass and windows.

It enables the personnel to access and clean hard to reach places of the building.

How Often Should the External Surface of Skyscraper get Clean?

How often you should have your external glass cleaning service is dependent upon a number of factors such as the type of property, as well as its location.

However in most cases, we generally recommend a twice-a-year cleaning service.

High rise window cleaning is considered to be a preventative maintenance measure that is intended to keep windows from becoming deteriorated.

Newly constructed or remodeled buildings should be cleaned up to four times in their first year of establishment and then twice a year thereafter.

This is because the sealant that is used in the windows in newly constructed and remodeled buildings can run and cause stains.

The stains may etch into the glass and cannot be removed.

Maintaining Commercial Buildings

We highly encourage our corporate clients to have their windows cleaned much more frequently especially in densely populated areas, where there’s a lot of moving vehicles that constantly stir up dust and dirt on to the glass.

General dirt and dust is unavoidable, but this can be managed with regular maintenance. Once stains make their way to the surface, the cleaning process becomes much more difficult which in return result in higher cleaning cost. 

We usually use heavy duty cleaner with a cutting compound when the windows are heavily stain, which is three to four times more expensive than regular cleaning.

Any overhanging sections can result in unwanted water flow over exposed windows which (over time) lead to further staining.

Dirty water will run down from the sill and etch into the paint itself, eventually onto the building.

When this happens, a full pressure wash is usually required, and in some cases a complete repainting altogether.

In line with regular window cleaning, we usually suggest that customers clean the entire facade itself, as part of their maintenance routine.

Ideally, you’d want to get the windows cleaned twice a year, and wash the entire building at least once a year, especially with those with newly-painted walls.

Location Matters

seaside building

The location of the building is another important factor that we must consider when evaluating a window cleaning job, as there are types of surfaces that attract more staining than others.

If the building, for instance, is located near or right on the beach, there is a tendency for the salt to stain the glass, and eventually make its way into the paint.

Both buildings near the beach and those that are located in busy cities are both likely to stain heavily, but buildings near the beach have a bigger tendency to get dirty faster. This is due to the salt compounds and sand in the air.

We usually recommend that properties along the beach or waterways have their windows cleaned at least three times a year, and invest towards pressure washing too.

Safety measures for High Rise External Glass Cleaning

One of the major safety concern is making sure the window cleaners do not fall while performing their jobs.

To keep this from happening, the window cleaners need to be experience and highly-trained cleaning experts, combined with latest technologies and equipment.

Another major concern associated with high rise external window cleaning is the safety of the people and property on the ground below.

To reduce the risk of injury and damage to the people and property below, every piece of equipment that is used to clean the windows need to be attach to the cleaning expert.

Even if the equipment slip out of the hands of the cleaners it will not fall to the ground.

OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration set a strict safety standards for every high rise window cleaning service.

Most high rise window cleaning based companies do not use stage scaffolding equipment to clean windows due to these standards.

The stage scaffolding equipment can be very hazardous as it can be caught by the strong wind.

This may result in damaging the building or the personnel cleaning the windows.

Get In Touch With Malaysia’s Best External Glass Cleaning Service

Vertical Pro Sdn. Bhd. offers safe and effective high-rise abseiling services such as external glass cleaning and maintenance.

Our services include but not limited to showrooms, condominium and apartment, offices, factories, schools, hotels and even commercial complexes.

We can even alter the methods of our window or glass cleaning services accordingly based on the client’s needs.

Our accredited staff use the latest equipment that guarantee the best results.

Wish to learn more about our other services? Take a look at our article about external glass cleaning and marble polishing.

We also provide other cleaning and maintenance services such as:

Contact us for more information or schedule a site visit.

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