Granite Restoration

Have you done a granite restoration lately?

  • The surface of granite may begin to appear dull after many years of frequent use.
  • This is the result of the distinctive shine of the granite fading over time.
  • n order to preserve and regain the natural beauty of your granite stone surfaces,
  •  it is necessary to hire a professional granite restoration service specifically designed for these surfaces.

Uses of Granite

  • Granite stone is one of the great choice when choosing a finish for your property.
  • The colour of granite can be different depending on the minerals that form the granite.
  • The most common colours include gray, black, white, pink, and orange.
  • Granite restoration for your property
  • Do you know granite come from the cooling of molten magma deep within the earth over a millions years?

Do you know granite come from the cooling of molten magma deep within the earth over a millions years?

  • During the continuous process of heating and slow cooling, granite become an extremely hard material.
  • Granite is so strong that cutting directly on the granite surface will dull the knives first before it harms the stone.
  • The only material that is harder than granite is a diamond.
  • Just to be careful when placing diamond jewellery on granite surface since it may scratch the granite.
  • The hardness of granite makes it very durable, this in fact, make granite stand out of all natural stones.


  • Granite won’t crumble or break over time like other natural stone types.
  • The crystalline structure of granite also makes it easily resists from scratches, discolouration, abrasion, staining and damage from heat.
  • The characteristics of granite make it an ideal material for beautiful countertops, backsplashes, wall coverings, floor coverings, and even more.
  • It can add an elegant look to your property and can represent a very significant investment.

Sealing Granite

  • Sealing granite provide protection against stains, dulling, repel water, dirt and debris from getting into its pores to preserve it’s beauty for as long as possible.
  • When a granite stone is properly sealed, it can stand up to stains and every-day wear and tear.
  • However, it does require regular sealing every so often to keep the stain resistance, and the overall appearance in the best state.
  • There are different seals depending on which finish your stone has.

Granite Restoration For Your Property

  • Granite is probably the hardest natural stone found in your property.
  • As we know due to it’s hardness, granite is much more durable and stain-resistant than other natural stone.
  • Damaged natural stone
  • But after many years of frequent use, the granite may begin to appear dull, stained, scratches and cause bigger problem.
  • For example, blistering can result if the granite surface becomes swollen.
  • Chipping, cracking and erosion also can be happen.
  • This is the result of the distinctive shine of the natural stone fading over time.
  • Fortunately, we do not have to replace the granite stone since it can be fixed in many ways.
  • Granite stone restoration is much more cost effective and saves more time than the replacement of the granite.
  • Due to the hardness of granite, granite restoration are more time consuming than other softer natural stones and requires tougher sanding tools.
  • In exchange is that the shine of granite will last for much longer than other softer natural stones.
  • Continue reading and find out how granite restoration can help have the granite stone of your property looking brand new again.

Granite Finishes

  • Granite has a variety of finished for flooring purposed these include, Honed, Brushed, Flamed or Thermal, Tumbled or Antiqued.
  • Even if the process used to create it is simpler, an uncommon finish that requires a special order may sometimes cost more.

Repairing Granite

  • Granite tiles can chip and be scratch, but by using the correct fillers and polishes these can be treated and repaired.
  • Small imperfections at the granite can be polished and filled to an invisible finish.
  • The best option is a surface grinding and polishing if the granite damage is at a larger scale.
  • This restoration require using a series of different grade diamond grits, and used in a specific order.
  • Any incorrect processes can completely ruin the granite surface of the floor or worktop/countertop

Vertical Pro

Professional Granite Restoration Service

  • Granite stone require care and attention in exchange of giving your property an elegant appearance and long lasting beauty.
  • It’s not easy to restore the shine of granite without professional equipments and skills.
  • If you’ve tried and got it wrong, you’ll find out the importance hire a professional granite restoration services, especially granite stone can be very expensive to replace.

Granite Restoration

At Vertical Pro, we understand each of these stones well, and what the stone require to stay in their best state.

We Are Professional Granite Restoration Service Provider

Our team are highly skilled, trained and experienced craftsmen.

  • We restore granite stone with our unique diamond pads and odour-free impregnator sealant make the granite stone looking flawless after our granite restoration service.
  • We also use the finest quality machinery & diamond pads on the market to achieve excellent results for our granite restoration service.
  • Our team used to perform granite restoration in a variety places in Malaysia such as real estate, companies, office, hotels, banks, private house, historical building and even more.
  • Our service is prompt and efficient, and you may also be pleasantly surprised at just how cost-effective it is.
  • At Vertical Pro, we take our duties to the working environment seriously and we don’t use any harmful chemicals during granite restoration.
  • Having a portfolio of clients behind us and extensive experience in granite restoration, we are one of the chosen provider for clients throughout Malaysia.