Marble Polishing

  • Marble’s signature look of powder-pale white with stretched grey veins.

  • It elegant and gorgeous view make it one of the most elegant flooring materials around the world.

  • All natural, the marble is harvested from mountain in excellent slabs of stone.

  • After that it refined and sliced down into the material for monuments, temples, buildings and flooring materials for thousands of years.

  • Marble has long been a symbol of tradition, luxury and extraordinary taste.

  • Marble floor is durable, naturally resistant to stains, and easy to clean.

  • But, no matter how durable it is, with over years of use, it can lose its polish and shine.

  • Dull floors that might still look nice, but not as beautiful as they were when they were shiny and lustrous.

  • To return marble floors to like-new appearance, marble polishing are the way to go.

  • Marble floor polishing can be tiring to do it yourself, also time-consuming.

  • Hire a marble polishing specialist to do the work for you on regular basis is much more convenient.

  • Marble polishing not only improves the countertops look and feel, but also enhances its durability.

The History and Origin Of Marble

  • Marble is a stone that has been loved for centuries.
  • It has been associated with a sense of opulence and wealth.
  • Marble comes from limestone that has been compressed and exposed to heat over time.
  • The marble stone carries shiny surface, with the various shade and whirl patterns.It’s a material of some of the great works of architecture and art produced throughout history of humans.
  • The Parthenon in Athens, the Coliseum in Rome, the Taj Mahal in India, and even the White House, are all fine examples of how architects, sculptors, and craftsman have used marble to create beautiful buildings throughout the ages.

  • As marble continued to grow in popularity, quarrying methods and tools vastly improved to allow for greater harvesting of marble.

  • Nowadays, marble flooring has made an impression in many places over the world and continues to elegant view to building.

  • Marble polishing tends to enhance the colours in the stone, making them more dramatic and noticeable.

Reason That Marble Floor Require Polishing

  • There are many reasons for marble polishing require for different marble floors.
  • However, one of the most common reason is the lack of shininess of the marble floors.
  • Do you wonder why the marble surface lack of shininess overtime?
  • This lack of shininess is usually caused by the unevenness of the surface on a microscopic level.
  • A shiny marble floor has a very smooth surface.Thus, leads to the even reflection of light from all directions and cause the marble floor looks shiny and elegant.
  • However, as time goes by, the surface of the marble floor becomes less and less smooth.
  • As a result, light is now reflected on an uneven basis, and perception of the surface to us becomes less shiny.
  • Indeed, marble polishing is one of the most versatile solutions to solve the problem.
  • In this section, we will take a look about some common problems that cause the marble floor become dull.


  • Scratches can be easily done through constant foot traffic.

  • Especially when somebody that have footwear carries sand and grit with it.

  • Even the unprotected furniture legs, in its unassuming stationary position, can leave scratches to the marble floor.

  • But the most obvious culprit for those unwanted lines, blemishes, or claw marks can be attributed to constant dragging of sharp items and heavy objects across your handsome marble floor.

  • Sealing the marble floor can offer a little mechanical strength.

  • It can prevent scratches, but it will not prevent it from happening.


  • Water is a universal cleaning agent and good for the marble floor.

  • But we also know that it may contain chlorine and certain minerals that can cause pitting and yellowing of your marble tiles.


  • Marble is porous so it is prone to water discolouration and will be damage due to spills from food, liquid substances, and even metal furniture and sitting pots.

  • Worse case, acid-based food or liquid can leave dull marks, causing your marble floor to lose its shine and elegance.

Vertical Pro

Professional Marble Polishing Service

Benefits Of Marble Polishing

Stone is a tough natural material, and can last for ages to ages.

Unlike laminate, vinyl or carpet, marble tiles or floor slabs are made of the same material all the way through.

This means that they can’t wear through, as carpet does, exposing an under layer.

This is a great advantage as it means that in cases where significant damage occurs.

It’s usually possible to strip the top layer of stone away, revealing a fresh, beautiful layer beneath.

Typically stripping process only involves removing a few millimetres of the marble, and is combined with a professional marble polishing.

Vertical Pro marble polishing service able to restore marble floor has significant scuffs, marks, chips or stains.

Many old buildings, hotels, air-port or office buildings have beautiful marble stone floors.

Marble polishing able to restore their natural lustre, retain its original shine and elegant looks.

In this section we will talk about benefits of marble polishing that everyone must keep in mind.

The Density Of Marble Floor Increased

  • Polished marble floor has a higher density than the uneven floor.
  • This is due to the polishing process increases compression strength and hardness of the marble surface.
  • The surface of the marble floor will gain resistant to abrasions and impact from falling objects.

Improved Durability And Aesthetic Appeal

The Density Of Marble Floor Increased

  • As mentioned earlier, marble polishing is known to increase the marble floor density.
  • Improved density means the surface will be less susceptible to scratches, chipping, cracks, or abrasions.
  • Thus, maintaining a shiny, spotless surface for much longer time.
  • Polished marble also able to maintains elegant, shiny look and feel for years.
  • A well-polished marble floor or countertop can last for years before the first signs of wear and tear appear.

Polished Marble Floor Discourage The Growth of Bacterial, Fungal And Pest

  • Marble polishing is mostly recommended for office building, households, countertops, hallways, and hospitals.

  • This is due to marble polishing repellent to disease-causing microbes and pests.

  • Therefore, we never have to worry about bacteria and fungi on the marble floor, or the need to replace the entire floor due to termite infestation.

  • The fact that marble repels these microbes means a reduced risk of anyone getting an infection.

  • Especially there are some kids in home that can be more easily infected compare to adult.

  • We can also save the money in floor replacement in the long run.

Can Be Clean Easier With Minimal Maintenance

  • Don’t have to worry about stripping, recoating or re-waving your floors with a polished marble floor.

  • well-polished floor is resistant to dust, oil, water, tire marks and other substances that can cause stains on the surface.

  • Cleaning a polished marble surface is also can be done easily with a dust mop or damp mop.

  • Basic cleaning is all it takes to preserve the marble’s shiny and elegant look and feel.

Restore The Timeless Elegance Of Marble Floor.

  • Marble polishing actually is achievable by a competent DIY enthusiast using the correct equipments and products.
  • However, we often find that many of our customers prefer to use the experience and skills of a professional stone restoration and cleaning company. to make sure that their project finished to the highest standard.
  • At Vertical Pro, our professional crew able to deal with more stubborn stains.

  • We restore your marble floor and make it shine again.

  • Typically, professional marble floor polisher will work over several hours, as certain polishes and stain removers need time to act.

  • In some cases, the process may take a day or require 24 hours to be cure.

  • This is usually to create a protective coat over the marble surface.

  • With the use of marble floor polishing machines, our professional teams able to work quickly and effectively.

  • In this section, we will take a look on our services.


  • The surface of Marble too dull or not that shiny?

  • Whether our customers have or are seeking to acquire a gloss, semi-gloss or matte finish

  • Vertical Por able to deliver a beautifully restored or changed marble finish.


  • Marble surface have dull areas associated with scratches, etches, spots or wear patterns?
  • Vertical Pro can hone the marble surfaces to eliminate these imperfections.
  • Thus, resulting in a new marble surface free of damage.
  • Our expert technicians can achieve a honed or soft matte finish that is warm, inviting, and velvety smooth.


  • An uneven finish, dull spots or etches can diminish the elegant and beauty appearance of the marble floors and surfaces.
  • Vertical Pro use the appropriate diamond-infused pads or polishing powders to restore the finish require by our customers.
  • Whether matte, semi-gloss or gloss finish.
  • Our expert technicians able to achieve the exact finish our customers are looking for.

Grinding (Lippage Removal)

Marble tiles uneven?

  • Vertical Pro can grind away the excess stone to create a flat, level surface by using state-of-the-art diamond grinding technology.

  • Once ground to the level and shape desired, marble can be honed and polished to the finish that require.

Cleaning and Sealing

  • Marble floor cleaning processes vary based on the surface condition and type of dust, stain, dirt or oil being removed.

  • Marble is easier to keep clean with periodic professional deep cleaning services, using highly-effective and non-acidic cleaning solutions.

  • Once the marble surfaces are cleaned and restored, we highly recommend our customers to seal them to inhibit staining.

Stain Removal

  • Vertical Pro also able remove marble stains, as well as marble floor discolouration.

  • Whether seeking for guidance or want us to treat the marble floor, the finishing stone can be beautifully restored.

  • While most stains can be removed, marble stain removal can be a time consuming, expensive and often frustrating process.

  • We recommend to do the sealing as an excellent preventative measure.

Should You Use A Professional Floor Restoration Company?

  • Caring for a marble floor in the workplace can be extremely challenging, time consuming and complicated in nature.

  • Furthermore, the marble polishing machine, due to its size, weight and power, may pose damage to the surrounding if not controlled well, especially by non-professional individuals

  • It is important to get it right first time or face having to invest in a costly replacement.

  • As a result, the best idea is to engage the floor-care services of an experienced and highly qualified professional cleaning team who using the latest products, equipment and training to perform marble polishing or cleaning in effectively and efficiently way so that the marble floor can stay looking great in the long term.

  • At Vertical Pro, we have been providing marble cleaning and restoration services for over years.

  • We also built up an enviable reputation for service and quality.

  • We know how necessary to protect your company’s flooring investment and to make sure that your workplace stays looking professional and sophisticated for many years to come.

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