Sasana Kijang Bank Negara

Sasana Kijang, an iconic establishment by Bank Negara Malaysia, stands as a symbol of innovation, knowledge, and excellence in the realm of central banking and financial services. Located in Kuala Lumpur, this state-of-the-art facility was conceptualized to be more than just a building; it represents a hub for thought leadership, research, and capacity building in central banking and financial services. With its modern architecture and cutting-edge facilities, Sasana Kijang hosts a myriad of international conferences, seminars, and workshops, drawing experts and delegates from around the globe. It also houses institutions like the World Bank, the Islamic Financial Services Board, and the Southeast Asian Central Banks Research and Training Centre. Through its initiatives and collaborations, Sasana Kijang underscores Bank Negara Malaysia’s commitment to fostering knowledge exchange, promoting financial stability, and positioning Malaysia as a key player in the global financial landscape.