Cleaning glass windows and frames is essential for maintaining a clear view and an aesthetically pleasing environment. Over time, windows accumulate dirt, smudges, and dust, obscuring clarity and diminishing their appearance.

To clean, one should start by dusting off loose particles from the frames using a soft brush. A mixture of water and a few drops of dish soap can effectively clean the glass, applied with a sponge or cloth. For streak-free results, a squeegee or crumpled newspaper works wonders. Frames, often made of wood, metal, or vinyl, require gentle wiping to avoid damage. Regular cleaning not only enhances visibility but also prolongs the life of windows and frames.

Service Details

Streak-Free Cleaning Technique

The streak-free cleaning technique ensures surfaces, especially glass and mirrors, remain clear and shiny post-cleaning. It involves using the right combination of cleaning agents, microfiber cloths, and methodical wiping patterns. Mastery prevents residue trails, ensuring a flawless finish that enhances clarity and aesthetic appeal.

Glass Type Identification

Glass type identification is crucial for proper handling and treatment. Different types, such as tempered, laminated, or annealed, have distinct properties and uses. Recognizing these variations ensures appropriate cleaning, installation, and safety measures, preventing potential damage and optimizing the glass’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Frame Restoration

Frame restoration breathes new life into aged or damaged frames, preserving art and memories. Skilled restorers meticulously repair chips, refinish surfaces, and replace missing elements. Understanding materials, from wood to metal, and employing appropriate techniques ensures the frame’s integrity and aesthetic are both beautifully and authentically maintained.


What type of cleaning solution do you use on the windows?

We use a combination of eco-friendly and effective cleaning solutions tailored for different types of windows. Our primary solution is a mix of water and a mild detergent, but we also have specialized solutions for stubborn stains or specific glass types.

How often should I have my windows and frames cleaned?

For optimal clarity and maintenance, it’s recommended to clean windows and frames at least twice a year. However, if your property is near a busy road, construction site, or other dust-prone areas, you might consider more frequent cleanings.

Is there a risk of my windows getting scratched during the cleaning process?

Our team is trained to handle windows with utmost care, using soft and non-abrasive tools. We ensure that the cleaning process is gentle yet effective, minimizing the risk of scratches or damages.

Do you clean both the inside and outside of the windows?

Yes, we offer both interior and exterior window cleaning services. Depending on your preference and the package you choose, we can clean either side or both.

What precautions do you take when cleaning high or hard-to-reach windows?

Safety is our top priority. For high or challenging windows, our team uses secure ladders, harnesses, and sometimes even lifts. We ensure that all safety protocols are strictly followed to protect both our staff and your property.